Why remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are removed due to impaction or malposition of the teeth in relation to the jaw and respective teeth. This impaction can result in pain, infection, caries and disease.

What is IV sedation?

An IV sedation is a form of anesthetic in which a patient is placed in an altered state of consciousness through an IV in order to make a procedure more tolerable.

What is a responsible adult?

After a sedation you are legally impaired for a period of 24 hours. Because of this, your judgment may not be as sharp. For your own safety we ask you to have an adult to accompany you to the office and then to your home or hotel for your safety.

What is a soft food diet?

A soft diet is defined as any food items that are easy to eat and do not cause further discomfort during your recovery period. Soft diet items include foods such as Jello, scrambled eggs, pudding and lukewarm soup. It should be also noted that extreme ranges in temperature may cause discomfort.

How long does it take to heal?

It generally takes about 1 week to heal from wisdom teeth surgery. It should be noted that the degree of swelling is individual to each patient. Bruising may persist for up to two weeks. Smoking after surgery will significantly increase the healing period and may result in a dry socket.

What is a dry socket?

A dry socket is a delayed healing phenomena in which the clot in an extraction site is displaced. This results in exposed bone which can increase the healing period and cause pain. It is a well known fact that smoking significantly increases the risk of dry socket and it is strongly suggested that you refrain for 7 days following your surgery. We also recommend not using straws, as these are also known to cause dry socket problems.

Am I responsible for paying my bill at the time of surgery?

Office policy generally dictates that payment for surgical services is due on the day of surgery. Please refer to our office financial policies for further information.

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